“Opportunity society”

While looking up references for the above entry, I stumbled across a blogger who had confused the R’s “ownership society” with the D’s “opportunity society.” Whoops.

The Bush “ownership society,” of course, is just another way to sell Social Security privatization as a good thing, rather than something that will either (a) sink Social Security just as demand for payments rises to record levels, (b) cost an extra few trillion to launch just as deficits rise to record levels, (c) force payroll taxation into the sky just as I enter my peak earning years, or (d) all of the above. “Medical savings accounts” so far have been a boon to LASIK eye surgeons; if properly expanded, we could see a boom in all sorts of cosmetic surgery! Hooray for economic progress! Hooray for the profits to be made by starving the public and enriching the private!

And oh, I shan’t forget to mention how the Rs plan to increase the exemption of investment income from taxation, thus shifting the tax burden from the privileged coupon clippers onto the lowly working classes. But no, that’s because income from capital is income from Ownership, which is Good. The proletariat, oops, no, lucky duckies, no, Regular God-Fearing Americans should pay more taxes, anyhow. That will inspire them to become part of the Ownership Society, which they can do by, well, you know.