Westover Green

Our Mission

We’re creating sustainable, attainable, human-scaled places in the Westover and Sunset Terrace neighborhoods in west Raleigh.

We’re excited to constructively contribute missing middle housing to the transformation of the Western Boulevard corridor into a more transit-friendly, walkable area.

What we’re doing

Cottage Grove is our proposal to build a pocket neighborhood of nine cottages accessed by a courtyard green space and a public alley, around the existing house at 711 Grove Avenue.

Cottage Grove will maintain the visual character of Sunset Terrace by preserving the 66-year-old existing house and front yard. The new cottages will be small houses, similar in size to the 1,335 sq. ft. average of nearby housing units, and we anticipate that moderate- and middle-income families will be able to afford all units.

Our site design centers on a landscaped common green for residents’ enjoyment, leaving at least 20% of the site as green space — and including a rain garden that will improve local drainage. An L-shaped alley will ensure adequate emergency access to both our cottages and neighboring properties.

Much of Sunset Terrace Extension was originally built with houses behind other houses; Cottage Grove improves on this long-established pattern by adding the common green. The two neighboring townhouse courts (Grove Estates and Ashworth Townes), the front/rear houses on Powell, and the apartments at 720/721 Grove are all examples of how Sunset Terrace has many homes set behind others.

We have filed a zoning variance request (BOA-0076-2020) with Raleigh’s Board of Adjustment, requesting a minor variance on site width. The case will be heard in September 2021; for updates, see their website. For more details, please read the justification statements we filed with the Board.

Attorney: Womble Carlyle
Engineer: Wake Land Design, designer of Cottages at Filmore
Architect: Tightlines Designs / Maurer Architecture