Or, as a recent Weekly Standard article put it, his slogan should be “Crazy Times Demand a Crazy Senator”:

The new Illinois Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Maryland activist Alan Keyes, may be most famous for his most liberal act: jumping into a mosh pit while Rage Against the Machine performed, body-surfing the crowd, and exchanging body slams with a spiky-haired teen as a means of getting filmmaker Michael Moore’s endorsement for president in 2000. As Moore put it, “We knew Alan Keyes was insane. We just didn’t know how insane until that moment.”

Keyes has an apocalyptic view of America’s future unless it repents: “I do stay up at night thinking about what’s going to happen to America. I do stay up at night with a vision of our people in conflict, of our cities in flames, of our economy in ruins.”

– John K. Wilson, formerly notorious within the narrow confines of Hyde Park for his beard, in the Illinois Times