back from the beach

run, child

Originally uploaded by paytonc.

Taken on Miami Beach at the 10th Street lifeguard station, probably around 6pm on 15 January. I’ve also started a flickr feed in the left navbar, showcasing six recent photos uploaded to flickr. It’s a neat service–I’ll probably keep assembling the urban photos into galleries, but will use flickr for snapshots since it’s much easier. (Now, if only there were a quicker way to web-optimize photos or adjust perspective…) Hopefully, this will result in much more frequent photo updates.

Also, Flickr allows comments, which I’ve had to remove here due to a flood of comment spam — even with filters, the spammers are always one step ahead. I’m investigating moving over to WordPress for the blogging software, which would hopefully allow me to open comments back up. (Got the first ping spam attack last week — harumph.)