New CSA in town

Just signed up for two weeks’ worth of produce from the Rainbow Farmers Co-op. Rainbow is a project of Growing Power, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit that seems to have its fingers in a lot of pots: urban gardening in Milwaukee and Chicago (here in conjunction with Gallery 37), a cooperative of small farms in southern Wisconsin, food-security programs in both inner cities, etc.

Anyhow, what’s cool about it:
– choices: all- or partially-organic, a half-share size at half price, and meat’s available upon request
– year-round: local produce in the summer, less local stuff in the winter
– variety: produce comes from many small farms, instead of one; includes vegetables, fruit, and other things (honey and eggs, for instance)
– small, flexible commitment: just drop off a check by the Monday prior and you’re good for that week
– competitively priced: $26 for a large organic box, $7 for a half-sized partially-organic box

The pickup location is Blackwater Caf�, a small operation inside the Acme Artists Lofts co-op a few blocks away. Right now, there’s not much local inside the box: basically, the earth around here is yielding nothing but some very early perennial herbs right now. (I can get sorrel and sage from the garden, and only a snippet of either.) Hopefully, that will change within a few weeks as the first spring greens show up.