Palatial photo dump


Early spring in Chicago brings with it shifting winds that seem to wipe clean the air above the city. The salt dust, fuel-oil soot, marine fog, and low-angle sunlight that conspire to create the gray (or, at night, orange) pallor of winter all drop away. Warmer sunlight and battling lake and prairie winds make for some crisp, severe-clear days that are perfect for photos — before the humidity and smog of summer drop their veil of haze. That’s all to say: I’ve uploaded quite a few springtime-around-town photos to Flickr — from the leviathan Industrial Gothic lofts of the Central Manufacturing District to elegant Graceland Cemetery, with forsythias and willows in their pale beauty.

I’ve also uploaded a few photos from months past, including shots from Philadelphia (e.g., 30th St. Station, as above) and Boston and a few events here (like the Anti-Auto Show).