Zaha on New Urbanism

From a Miami New Times interview with Alfreo Triff:

*Alfredo Triff*: There are those who defend a more traditionalist program. I’m thinking of New Urbanism. What’s your take on it?

*Zaha Hadid*: I try to avoid decrees, so don’t have one single idea about urban planning. Spaces don’t have to be necessarily traditional in the sense of squares. We can always reinvent the idea of civic space. Some of the New Urbanism [sic] ideas are interesting. My problem is when a program becomes dogmatic and develops into something too conservative. New Urbanism has this idea of mixed-use, small streets, and accessibility. It can work well in some places, but it may not work in others. There’s no tabula rasa that works all over. The problem is when this program is realized as a gated community [apparently in reference to Aqua Allison Island].

To her credit, she apparently has moved past the fallacious understanding of NU as neoclassical architecture, but I’d still be curious to know about the contexts that require inaccessible sprawl. Certain auto-oriented land uses (malls, warehouses) might, but expensive energy might render those uses obsolete.