Bike Jousters at Nerve

Ever wonder what those chopper guys & gals, as well versed as they are in hacking things to bits and building up things of beauty, have to say about sex? My favorite tidbit from Sex Advice From Bike Jousters by Kate Sullivan:

*What should I include in an online personal ad?*

_A great photo. It should look flattering, but accidentally so. It should clearly have been taken by a friend when you were outside, on the go, and you just happened to be in really good lighting and perspective._

The effect should be “I am casually, effortlessly good looking.” Contrast that, of course, to the stereotypical gay-boy portrait: posed, overexposed under a cheap flash, with no sense of setting and with a bunch of other grinning, drunk faces (and/or pecs) to distract the viewer from what really should matter (i.e., one’s face). If you’re gonna do something posed, at least throw up a professional headshot.

(Hey, no posts lately due to work schedule and travel [see photos!] but I’m bored and in the South this weekend. Please bear with me as I try to get a bunch of things posted.)