Too-fashionable homes

bq. “This is what I did with my nightclubs and hotels and I intend to do with people’s homes” [says Ian Schrager]. Imagine that: coming home and finding a shrieking gay Cuban bouncer with a clipboard on the door; three peroxided trust-fund brats with added silicone bits, all talking at once, locked in the bathroom; and a family from Idaho in town to see The Producers asleep in your bedroom… They boast that [a key decorative element is] an extrapolation from New York City street graffiti. So, after they clean up the street and move out the kids who do the graffiti, they offer you chic designer graffiti instead. No one seems to have noticed the irony of this or, indeed, seen the writing on the wall.

— A. A. Gill, taken aback by designer glass condo towers in NYC, writing in Vanity Fair