Diversey to Logan Originally uploaded by Payton Chung

I’ve been even more vexed lately by the lack of adequate east-west connections across the chasm introduced between the North Branch of the Chicago River and the Kennedy Expressway. (Webster doesn’t work to/from Logan Square, since there’s no way out of the Bermuda Triangle of one-ways between Western, Fullerton, and Milwaukee.)

In particular, the recommended route that most people take — Logan Boulevard to Diversey Parkway — keeps thwarting me, particularly headed westbound. I’ve highlighted all the conflict points where I’ve been nearly sideswiped over the past few attempts to use this route.

Luckily, I don’t have much reason to go to Lincoln Park or Lakeview these days. To get to the near or far north side, I can use one of the more reasonable, more frequent river crossings north or south of me:

Kinzie 400N: A-
Grand 510N: C+
Chicago 800N: C-
Division 1200N: C-
North 1600N: D
Cortland 1900N: B+
Webster 2200N: B-

Fullerton 2400N: F
Diversey 2800N: C
Belmont 3200N: C+
Addison 3600N: D
Irving Park 4000N: F
Montrose 4400N: B-
Wilson 4600N: A
Lawrence 4800N: B-
Argyle 5000N: A

Foster 5200N: F

[A = relaxing, C = woah watch out, F = suicidal; includes quality of approaches on either side]