Bicycle boulevard entrance

Bicycle boulevard entrance

Bicycle boulevard entrance Originally uploaded by Payton Chung

Unlike in Chicago, where punitive traffic rules are imposed without any rhyme or reason or consideration, Vancouver, B.C. has given cyclists many thoughtfully planned routes through its neighborhoods. Here at Yukon & 10th Streets in front of City Hall, bicycles can enter the street via the cutout, but cars can only exit. Thus, the street functions as one-way for through car traffic but two-way for bikes and cars driving from this block. Click through to see the various elements that make this arrangement safer for all road users, and more convenient for the neighbors.

(Here’s a close-up of a nearby, curb-height example; it might be better suited to snowy areas since otherwise snow would accumulate in the channel between the curbs.)

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  1. but hey, guess what? turns out chicago has at least one contraflow bike lane, up in edgewater near the start (finish?) of the lakefront path…

    contraflow bike lane

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