Trail network keystone

The key stone Originally uploaded by Payton Chung

The missing link of the Anacostia trail recently received final environmental approvals (and, last month, a TIGER grant). As this map illustrates, “the arboretum section”* will complete a link through the city between the two great suburban Maryland trail networks (the 30-mile Rock Creek/CCT and the 60 miles of Anacostia trails) to Virginia’s trails and the C&O via the Potomac River trails. Since I live in Southwest, both trail networks will begin at my doorstep.

The segment will also nearly complete a full loop around most of the city, via Capital Crescent + Sligo Creek, and better link northern Prince George’s County to the heart of the region. Future links via the Fort Circle trails east of the river will connect a southern loop via the Wilson Bridge and Alexandria.

Now, if only there were a way to bring the WB&A, seen shooting off to the east through Bowie, into the equation as an eastern counterpart to the W&OD to the west.

Other cool 2012 TIGER grantees include a bikeway project in midtown Detroit, a new bike bridge in Memphis, and new train stations for Raleigh and Rochester.

* really on the east side of the river, past the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens instead. There is no acceptable on-road route in this area, only several highways.