How I spent my summer

water temple drawings with shading

In case you were wondering where I’ve disappeared to, the answer is: architecture school! No, I didn’t reset my life to when I was 16 (geez, it’s hard to imagine that was half a lifetime ago) and opted to pursue the liberal arts instead of architecture — I’d taken an equal number of university classes in both. I did, however, enroll in the introductory class at the Catholic University of America’s Master of Architecture program, and spent 100+ hours a week through all of July in architecture studio.

I’m really glad I did that, since I (re)learned a whole lot about everything from drawing techniques to concrete structures, representation in art to working with ink and charcoal, sketching proportions to Buddhist understandings of spatial processions and deflected vistas.

I’m even more glad it’s over, and that I do not actually have to spend 100 hours a week in an architecture studio, ever.