Coming soon

It’s true, I haven’t updated this blog in a while. I’ve accumulated quite a few things to share, but the existing platform is not exactly conducive to rapid-fire updates. Thus, a new platform (most likely Movable Type) and a new server are in the works, as well as a new design (sneak peek) and one or two companion blogs. The technology will allow for easier (and thus more frequent, owing to my slack-ness) posting, automatic archives, and indexing by subject, all features you’ve come to expect from blogs.

Soulless RDU

“The perfect example of the soulless abstractions described by James Howard Kunstler in his book “The Geography of Nowhere,” Raleigh-Durham had no focal point, no civic epicenter, no cultural fulcrum. And it certainly didn’t have any Vermeers.” Joe Queenan

Call on me

According to this week’s Crain’s, the recently retired WBBM-AM call letters stood for “World’s Best Ballroom Music.” Still-alive WMAQ-AM came from the Daily News’ deeply investigative tagline: “We Must Ask Questions.”