1 May 2003
Re-ordered the stuff to the left to better reflect what I’m doing. A day of firsts: first croissant from Half & Half (Kaleidescope’s replacement), first cuppa coffee at Intelligentsia, first visit to the new gym, first wacky street theater in a while.

27 April 2003
So I’m sitting by my window, reading quietly, when someone on a motorcycle outside decides to rev up a loud (unmuffled) engine. The vibrations from that set off a car alarm. And now I’m pissed. Damn rude noise polluters!

25 April 2003
The renovation of the North Avenue Baths really is quite nice, but not all historic buildings have a ready market of $2,000-a-month rentals and James Beard Foundation-honored restaurants, or zoning that wouldn’t allow more floor area (and thus makes a teardown silly).