20 March 2002
I punched someone’s car today. The guy turned right in front of a crowd of pedestrians (including me) who were starting to cross the street. Had he turned a second or two later, and he would have hit several people. I instinctively hit the car as it drove off, and he stopped, opened the door, and started yelling. Had there not been traffic cops and witnesses around, he might’ve pulled fists or a gun out as well I yelled something back (“don’t run red lights,” even though he hadn’t, but I was distracted as usual – which makes me a rather poor choice for extemporaneous speaking), which caught the attention of the cops. But anyhow, I’m beyond sick and tired of drivers bullying other road users with their size and speed.

“Capitol Fax” reports that a group called “Family Taxpayers” sent out a “Jim Ryan is too liberal” campaign piece. That name’s a disgustingly double-speaking attempt to cloak neo-Fascism in softer, “how can anyone be against…” tones.

Wearing a “REPUBLICAN” badge yesterday wasn’t that intimidating, though I did get a few strange looks from voters (particularly acquaintances). Dealing with the circus that is Chicago ward politics, though, was quite entertaining.