My yuppie name

Now, for some further bemoaning the rising popularity of my name: not only is it called a “Ralph Lauren, faux horsey-set name” in the NYT Magazine — but half the twelve names two authors predict will be popular in 2010 share its soft “n” ending sound. Apparently, name trends are either thematic or homophonic. Argh!

2 thoughts on “My yuppie name

  1. Another data point: the week (perhaps even the day) they moved out, I ran into the neighbors across the hall. Even though I’d lived next to them for two years, I knew nothing about them other than that the two sometimes went jogging together, that she had recently graduated from something, and that she’d just had a baby. This time, I saw her leaving with the baby and made a bit of small talk.

    Me: “A girl, right?” (I’d seen the “It’s a Girl!” balloon on the door.)
    “Yes. She’s named Payton.”
    “How’s it spelled?”
    “With an A.”
    “That’s my name.”
    “Yes, I know.”
    “My, that’s flattering.”

    So almost-random people are naming their children after me?

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