away for a few days

I’ll be away from 11-15 November, mostly due to a meeting in LA and related schedule squeeze.

Schedule-related resolution: if the newspapers piled up before or in the immediate aftermath of Election Day haven’t gone anywhere by December, they’re gone. And as much as I’ve discovered that the FT does a great, Economist-like job of tidily pre-digesting global news, the pink snowdrift now accumulating under my desk is a great reminder of why I don’t actually subscribe to newspapers.

E-subscription to The New Republic is a much nicer compromise than I thought; somehow, skipping past all those marginally interesting articles doesn’t seem nearly as great a loss when they’re all still archived online. Plus, it’s cheaper — unlike, say, an e-sub to the New York Review of Books, which I’ve had a trial subscription to as of late. Sure, I feel endlessly erudite skimming it on the train, but the content drifts too far into literary-land (e.g., reviews of poetry anthologies) for my coarse, nonfiction-only, news-junkie tastes. Plus, my transit vanity goes too far — only I care about whether other people’s newspapers are sufficiently highbrow.