Culture war partisans

In re-reading Stan Greenberg’s “The Two Americas” (hey, it’s one way to see what went wrong), I came across this: the groups he calls The Faithful and The Secular Warriors, the core of each party’s social ideologies — white evangelical Protestants on the one hand and the unchurched and disarmed on the other — are almost equivalent in the electorate. The Faithful are 17%, the Secular Warriors are 15%.

So, which of these blocs of “values voters” truly represents “American values”?

One thought on “Culture war partisans

  1. I think one problem is the love of the status quo in voting. For example, “I’m a Democrat”…pull the lever. …the same “type” is elected. Doesn’t “think outside the box” for real change…change to the system itself. I just posted on this; if you are interested, pls have a look.

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