MTA: “falloff in… economic vibrancy”

Senior officials at NY MTA are explicitly making the case that cuts in transit service will hurt the city’s economic vitality. From an article in the Times:

Mr. Kalikow said he and the authority’s executive director, Katherine N. Lapp, had been meeting with business leaders to explain the importance of the transit network to the regional economy. “The system is very delicate, and if we don’t support it with these capital plans, it will deteriorate, and it will deteriorate very quickly,” he said. “A result of deterioration is rider falloff, and rider falloff in a city of this economic vibrancy will cause havoc on the streets.”

Unfortunately, Chicago’s long tradition of civic leadership by business has seemingly fallen short in the transit-funding debacle. A well-worded statement by Business Leaders for Transportation, which is co-led by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce but staffed by MPC, got zero media coverage. However, transit access for the region’s workforce is the lifeblood of the Loop and other major business centers; they, especially the Loop, would wither if transit service continues to decline.