Bridgeport in the news

Shruti Daté Singh writes in Crain’s:
“Bridgeport’s alderman, James A. Balcer (11th), hopes the World Series will boost his efforts to redevelop the Halsted Street corridor. He wants more stores, coffee shops and high-end restaurants.”

Probably not what the Lumpen kids had in mind when they christened (in a strange bit of irony so bitter that it circles right around to sound smarmy and booster-ish, especially when uttered by “artists”) Bridgeport as “the community of the future”:

Update: Not only did the Sox win, but “a Missed Connection”: was made aboard the #44 Wallace: “I never see cute, IPod-wearing, backpack-carrying boys on my bus… I’m crazy about your hair. I hope you were impressed with my lefthand text-messaging/righthand IPod scrolling moves. Double-fisting technology is hot?” Next up: well, who knows? As Lawrence Downes wrote in the Times on Sunday, “Packs of rabid wolves sweeping down from Canada… Sinkholes swallowing Nebraska. An asteroid.”