Guess where: compass rose

Compass rose

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A web of silvery tracings emanates from an angular design recently circumscribed in a very well-trod public building as part of an update to some dreary, if efficient, Modern spaces. (So well trod, in fact, that I’m surprised that the original terrazzo could receive this inlay without requiring extensive refinishing, although I suppose the material’s quite durable.) Interestingly, and probably unintentionally, the hexagonal shape of this design complements the overall building — a rare one in Chicago which often rejects rectilinearity in favor of flowing 60/120-degree turns. This particular space has its own name; better yet, describe where the arrows might lead someone. Yes, that’s a bit of a trick question.

The feet may be a hint; I cropped out anything obvious, but that’s not a pair of shoes you see: rather a single shoe, the other midflight, with something else. (I’ll replace with the uncropped photo after it’s guessed.) Also note the grain of the original terrazzo; you may already have spent hours elsewhere in this building staring at it out of exasperated boredom.

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