Dark age ahead

Tim Kane from St. Louis on the Canadian election, at the “Globe & Mail”:http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20060124.welmain0123_6/CommentStory/specialDecision2006/#comment86063

bq. I had flashbacks to 2000 in the US and I’m traditionally conservative. Bush came to power on a minority vote. Today 2000 looks more like a minority coup that looted the treasurey and laid siege to nearly every institution, be it local, national or international, including the UN and Nato. At its core, the conservative movement here doesn’t believe in Democracy. They believe in Aristocracy and they want to prove that Democracy doesn’t work. To make that point they undermine its institutions. Looting the treasury served two purposes. They have not solved a single problem and have spawned numerous new ones. The Iraq war will cost us $2 trillion.Iraq may do to us what Afganistan did to the Soviets… Today the U.S is under a virtual dictatorship of fear, paranoia, war, multilayered deceit and corporate journalism that serves the beast. Harper’s is a minority government, but that’s hardly any different than it was with Bush… With the 2000 election of Bush, America took its first step to fascism and a dark age of anxiety, fear, war, torture, and intimidation.