On the other hand

Mike Class, a Jesuit priest in Chicago, with yet another “upshot to NSA spying”:http://www.salon.com/comics/boll/2006/01/05/boll/index.html:

bq. They get you free phone service! The feds tapped the phone of the Sisters of Mercy in Washington D.C. because of some anti-war stance or something they took in the 1980s. The good sisters noticed some kind of clicking on the phone at times, and finally decided that someone must have tapped into their phone. Their solution: Don’t pay the bill so the phone company will have to shut off the phone. The phone never went dead, and they quit sending them bills! The Feds wouldn’t let Ma Bell shut them down, and probably began paying the bills. The sisters talked long and free with their friends across the country!

Quoted by Bob Cringely