Narcissistic, cowardly, sociopathic driver of yellow Hummer sought

From The Daily Northwestern:

bq. Archana Sriram suffered facial fractures, a broken jaw, a hip fracture and a broken leg after she was hit by a yellow Hummer at the intersection of Lake Street and Sherman Avenue, she said from the hospital Monday… “EPD says they can’t look up registered yellow Hummers in the area, only license plates,” Sriram said. “Hopefully people can keep their eyes out.”

One thought on “Narcissistic, cowardly, sociopathic driver of yellow Hummer sought

  1. Really? Recently on the teen detective show Veronica Mars there was a reference to a hit-and-run (in Chicago) by a red Hummer with ‘spinning rims.’ quote: “Know how many red Hummers with spinners there are in Chicago? Not that many?”

    Pity if you truly can’t look up behemoth killer cars by color.

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