Texxi: demand responsive rideshares

bq. “texxi”:http://www.texxi.com/pro/texxi.nsf/pages/What+is+texxi is a Demand Responsive Transit Broker. We use advanced scheduling technology to make the most of existing transport resources at times of peak demand. Use of the scheme extends well beyond club night transportation… Anywhere, anytime there are a lot of people to move from a single location as efficiently and safely as possible, texxi will provide a good solution to a perennial headache.

Essentially, Texxi applies ridesharing to get Liverpool clubgoers home late at night, making optimal use of the cab fleet. The system naturally uses text messaging, which is cheap, can be processed automatically, and ideally suited to “a nightclub audience”:http://dodgeball.com (quiet, unobtrusive, easy to do while drunk). Software takes over the taxi dispatcher’s role, generating lower costs and faster turnaround.

(Found via a GMail ad, no less.)