Complete streets

The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation‘s “Healthy Streets Campaign”: released a brief statement about a new policy that apparently goes beyond the current “must include” policies — but how? Well, sounds promising if vague:

bq. Chicago’s Complete Streets Policy envisions streets where “even the most vulnerable–children, elderly and persons with disabilities–can travel safely within the public right-of-way…” The Complete Streets Policy is part of the city’s Safe Streets for Chicago program, which calls for stepped-up traffic enforcement, crosswalk awareness campaigns for motorists, new crosswalk safety technologies, researching and identifying trouble spots to be rectified and reducing statutory speed limits on low-volume residential streets.

One thought on “Complete streets

  1. Payton, you darling, I ran across your photos at Flickr while searching for images of “shared streets” on Google. I remember well your erudite comments on the CNU listserv back in 1996 or so. You must have been about sixteen, you child prodigy of Planningdom.

    Pardon this semi-public intrusion on your privacy; I couldn’t find a way to directly email you. Please write back — I see your urban observations are more cogent than ever. Regards, Betsy

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