Elections: woah!

updated after midnight:
Burt Natarus and Darcel Beavers are headed to defeat! Oh, and Arenda “we be ho’s” Troutman, but we knew that.

A lot of runoffs (higher vote total first, *incumbent):
2nd: Fioretti vs. Haithcock*
3rd: Tillman* vs. Dowell
15th: Foulkes vs. Simmons-Stoval (open seat)
16th: Thompson vs. Coleman*
18th: Lane* vs. Stewart
21st: Brookins* vs. Jones
24th: Chandler* vs. Dixon
_32nd_: Matlak* vs. Waguespack
_35th_: Colon* vs. Colom
43rd: Daley* vs. Smith
49th: Moore* vs. Gordon
50th: Stone* vs. Dolar

_ward_ = a sure thing, with 100% of precincts reporting

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