For Athletes, an Invisible Traffic Hazard – New York Times

Gretchen Reynolds in the Times reports on new research showing fine particulate matter (PM) to be a significant cardiac hazard to athletes.

“Be sensible and try to cut back” on your exposure to particles, Dr. Rundell advised, but don’t use pollution as an excuse to cut back on exercise… “The bottom line is that running and cycling are healthy and, over all, good for the heart,” Dr. Newby said. With proper care, he said, outdoor exercise does not have to be harmful — and, done en masse, could even ease pollution.

The best part, though? One doc, taking the long view and putting this “Your Health” article back into the realm of policy:

“I ride my bike back and forth to work every day,” [David Newby, a cardiology professor at the University of Edinburgh] said. “If everyone else did that, too, we wouldn’t be having this problem at all, would we?”