Trib: just plain lazy

From an article by Jon Hilkevitch and Josh Noel in today’sTrib:

“It’s what they do with the money they have that concerns me,” said Grace Graham, 58, of Rogers Park as she waited to board the Red Line at Berwyn. “The government needs to step in and do an audit…

Nowhere in the article do the reporters bother reporting that the government DID step in and do an audit. A million-dollar, 650-page audit, no less. WTF?

2 thoughts on “Trib: just plain lazy

  1. Props to Monifa Thomas at the Sun-Times for getting it right, though:

    “Top officials from these agencies blame the recent glut of doomsday threats on a continued lack of long-term investment in transit by the state Legislature — a claim backed by an independent state audit released earlier this year… But ask your typical CTA rider why they think the CTA is in such dire straits and you’re bound to get a response like this: ‘The CTA wouldn’t be broke all the time if it weren’t so poorly managed.’ CTA riders can hardly be blamed for their lack of faith in the CTA’s leadership, when unreliable service, dirty stations and surly employees are what they often get in exchange for their fare.”

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