World upside down

Oh, the surprises that await when the world actually does turn upside down.

Now we know who’s in charge of Minneapolis streets. It’s a loosely organized group of serial lawbreakers called Critical Mass. — Katherine Kersten, resident reactionary op-ed-er at the Strib

I think it might be fun to turn this “we, the hegemonic majority, are being oppressed!!! how dare someone challenge my heretofore unquestioned privilege!!!” meme (a common right wing trope, for those unable to see the power underlying their own positions) on its head. After all, my first internet claim to fame was contributing to “Life in Our Anti-Christian America,” a compilation of fictitious ways in which we atheists exert oppressive control over the poor Christian hegemony — e.g., “It’s difficult to find people with good Christian names like John or Paul or Christopher.”

Ah, if only I had as much time now as I did then.