Wholesome walk score

Who knew that walkable neighborhoods were so All-American? The Brady Bunch house gets an astonishing Walk Score of 80, according to the site’s blog.

Yet America’s landscape has changed for the worse since then: adults’ daily walking trips have fallen by nearly half just within my lifetime. Restoring just one or two daily walking trips to everyone’s lives could cut CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 16 coal power plants — and help Americans lose three billion pounds of fat. [Dashka Slater in NYT].

Also of interest: how well are you living up to the Charter’s principles? (I got to trumpet a rare 100, which led to several accusations of cheating. However, I do go to my building’s outdoor movie nights, which, with nearly 40 units, should count as a block party — and about as good as we’ll get on a state highway.)

5 thoughts on “Wholesome walk score

  1. My walk score is 45… I was rather upset with it. And I was surprised to know that there is another score called drive score to evaluate my house. I found the way to calculate it online. I’ve got much better results – 83.

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  2. Well, I’d say that a “drive score” kind of (no, actually completely, totally) defeats the purpose of encouraging walking for daily trips. Walking is good for you. Driving is bad for you, for your city, and for your planet.

    Oh yeah, and don’t run around spamming pro-walking sites.

  3. Received an 88 here. I was dubious about my neighborhood on the part of a collection of neighborhoods question. But I thought about how plentiful the walkable venues for all sorts of activities are within say Wrigley Ville, or Lakeview. Well, at least I’d walk. I tend to consider my neighborhood pretty large.

  4. due to multiple spam attempts from Fizber, a commercial site attempting to promote its pro-driving agenda (and since there are few things I despise more than spam and driving), I’ve locked comments on this post.

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