Your ideas for WPB

Over the course of three WPB Community Open House weekends, 88 people gave us their Big Ideas on what Wicker Park & Bucktown need. Take a look at what people wanted during Week 1 [try the extra-fun slideshow], Week 2 [slideshow], and Week 3 [slideshow]. (You’ll see me a few times on Week 3.) And attention, entrepreneurs: there appear to be a lot of unserved market niches!

Have your own idea? Take a few moments to tell us via a Virtual Postcard From WPB’s Future.

4 thoughts on “Your ideas for WPB

  1. i saw this on gaper’s block, a few days too late! what a fantastic idea! i hope someone listens.

    and why DON’T we have a movie theater or streetside recycling yet? what gives?

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