Use less… oil?

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It’s come to this: an oil company (2nd largest American, 20th largest in the world) wants you to join them and "leave the car at home more."

Okay, this is surreal: Chevron has a a two-page spread version touting how 60% of its head-office employees are "riding bikes, and finding other ways to get to and from work." They even have a bus wrap in DC. Gee, I had no idea that I was doing Big Oil a favor by bicycling..?

(Chevron print ad in 15 Sep Wall Street Journal; obviously an expensive ad buy since it took up the four-page centerfold.)

4 thoughts on “Use less… oil?

  1. I’d guess these ads are a portfolio piece, so they can wave them around and show everyone how “green” they are, even though all they’re doing is wasting paper.

    Either that, or they’re actually worried about fuel shortages. But that seems unlikely yet.

  2. My cynical first instinct is to dismiss this as greenwashing. Still, I don’t see many ways to spin the bus wrap as anything less than an invitation to consume less of their product.

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