The new climate reality shapes weather

(Let’s see how I fare doing more and shorter blog posts, built around quotes. It’s the only way I’ll get anything done this month, since I’m taking “architecture boot camp” through the first of August. It’s going well, but it does include the requisite all-nighters in studio.)

Year-to-date, nearly 25,000 record highs have been set or matched compared to just 2,500 record lows.

— Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang reporting on NOAA’s new “State of the Climate.” In another post, he also quotes the same report: “In analyzing these two very different events, UK scientists uncovered interesting changes in the odds. Cold Decembers are now half as likely to occur now versus fifty years ago, whereas warm Novembers are now 62 times more likely.”

If you got heads on 10 out of 11 coin flips, that could be random chance. But 25,000 out of 27,500? Something’s definitely wrong.