L for Loser

Eric Zorn gripes about the stale retort that is “get a life”:

“Get a life!”–translation: “Go devote your energies to something real and productive!”–may well be useful advice to science-fiction cultists, but very few of us are entitled to dispense it with scorn, given the way we spend OUR leisure time… [Saying] “get a life” reveals such a paucity of wit, lack of imagination and inability to offer a reasoned response that I was moved, on the spot, to announce a new rule of engagement: “In any debate, the first person to hurl the insult `Get a life!’ is the loser.”

I’ve been told this a few times when screaming “shut up” at loud motorcycles aimlessly revving at intersections. Well, no, I have a life; it’s not like I’m aimlessly driving up and down the street just to annoy people.